Gita Hazemi



Web Site Design & Development

This is the online home page created and maintained by Gita Hazemi, a US web designer. This web site is intended to showcase my work to prospective clients and employers.

I offer a range of sensibly priced services such as web site design and development. Each site I create is designed to be fast, easy to navigate and memorable. I have passion for creating clean, stylish, and user-friendly websites using the latest web standards. These are the fundamental keys to a successful web site. I'm capable of translating information into a deliverable. Identify and address technical design problems through research, analysis and strong understanding of technology tools.

If you're considering building your own online presence, or if you simply want to update your existing web site, then feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to discuss your project further.

I should probably mention that I am also a fine art artist, a visual designer. You will also find here some of my original art works.

I look forward to discussing current or future projects with you. Feel free to look through my portfolio, please do not hesitate to email with any questions you may have.