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Gita Hazrati

Notes: Responsive Design, Entire site.

Governance Support Facility Initiatives
My Role:
Entire site.

Donnalynn Chase
My Role: Entire site

Fourier Manufacturers 3D Puzzles & Scientific Toys
My Role:
Entire site.

Naggiar Vineyards

My Role: Branding, Layout, xhtml, Javascript, Flash, shopping cart programming, webmaster since 2002

Stefan Baumann - The Grand View
My Role: Entire site, webmaster since 1999

Marin Gourmet

My Role: Re-design entire web site to W3C Web Standarts with valid HTML and CSS..

Quinns Court

My Role: Entire site

Nilou Day Spa

My Role: Entire site, E-Newsletter, also webmaster since 2004.

Chi Yu Art

My Role: Entire site